The 2021 “Virtual” Lunch Lecture series


June 4 at 11:45 AM – 2 PM – “Colonial Iron Industry at Elkridge Landing” Lee Preston, Jr., Retired Archaeologist.

The Elkridge Furnace Inn and Garden House$25.00 (not including Tax and Gratuity) Includes Lunch and Lecture

***In-person reservations ARE required. EMAIL to make a reservation***

The Howard County Historical Society returns to the Elkridge Furnace Inn for a SPECIAL Luncheon and Lecture featuring retired archaeologist, Lee Preston, Jr. Mr. Preston will discuss the colonial Iron Industry in the Patapsco River Valley, focusing on the Ellicott Furnace located on the EFI campus.

The lecture will take place in the newly renovated tent at Elkridge Furnace Inn, reservations are limited and are required. Please email with “EFI Reservation” in the subject to be added to the reservation list, DO NOT MAKE RESERVATIONS with the restaurant.

Space is limited and will be booked on a first come, first serve basis.

The special menu for the Friday June 4th lecture is a fixed price three course lunch.

$25 per person (not including tax and gratuity)

July 9 at 12 PM – 1:15 PM- “The Baltimore Museum of Industry presents: City in Motion”

A City In Motion: Baltimore’s Planes, Trains and Automobiles (and a few ships)


Baltimore began as a center for exchange and trade, but the city reinvented itself as the demands and opportunities of the times changed. Over the last 300 years, Baltimore has moved from an agrarian export center, to an industrial giant, and prospers today as a logistics hub. Baltimore’s citizens hewed and sailed wooden, then steel, ships, built and operated a half dozen railroads, designed and drove electric, steam, and gasoline powered cars, and manufactured aircraft from man’s first days of taking to the air. This is the story of where we have been and how we got there: a history of a city in motion.

No need to register for this event, this is a FREE program offered to the general public as a part of a collaboration with the Baltimore Museum of Industry. Guests can click on the link and join that day.

Link to Join:

August 6 at 12 PM – 1:15 PM – “Whipps Garden Cemetery” Betty Walke

Online Event

The Howard County Historical Society is happy to present a Lunch Lecture on Whipps Garden Cemetery with Betty Walke, member of the Friends of Whipps Cemetery and Memorial Gardens Board of Directors. Details are still being worked out. We are not sure if this will be a “virtual” event or in person at the museum. We will update soon.

September 3- “A Survivor’s Story” Alana Snyder

***This is Scheduled to be an “In-Person” event at the Museum of Howard County History***

The Lecture will be recorded and posted to the Historical Society’s YouTube Page after the event.

Join us for a very special program. Alana Snyder recounts the story of her maternal Grandma, Bernice Horon.

“While I grew up learning about the Holocaust in school, and always knowing that my Grandma was a survivor, she never ever spoke openly about her experiences. Not to me, not to her kids, and certainly not to strangers.

Several years before my Grandma died, my mom begged her to document her experiences. It was not easy to convince her, and she started and stopped many times over the course of multiple years, but she did it. She wrote it all down.

Based on her own written words, this is my Grandma’s story.”

In-person Lunch Lectures will resume in September, 2021. HCHS members are free, BUT reservations are required due to limited space. Members please email to reserve space for the Lunch Date Lecture.

Fee for non-members is $5.00 which can be paid at the door, BUT reservations are still required. When emailing, please put the name of the Lunch Lecture “A Survivor’s Story” in the subject.

The Lunch Lecture Series focuses on provocative History topics, local and national; presented by local historians, educators, and community leaders.

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