The Howard County Historical Society is thrilled to announce that we will be hosting a viewing of a new movie produced by the world renowned Swedish band Sabaton — The War to End all Wars on November 11th and 12th, 2023 from 6-8pm at the Museum of Howard County History. Tickets are $10 ($5 for members) and can be purchased here.

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The Howard County Historical Society is home to the county’s most complete collection of historical records and artifacts.

2023 Program and Activities Schedule

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View the Video Exhibit, "Milltown to City" of the Evolution of Ellicott Mills to Ellicott City

Sponsored by EC250 Committee, 2022. Currently on view at Howard County Visitor’s Center

About Howard County Historical Society

Founded in 1958, the Howard County Historical Society is the primary private repository of historical records and artifacts related to Howard County’s rich history, the Howard County Historical Society provides access to materials that aid in historical exploration, research and discovery for all ages and cultural groups.

Throughout the year, the Howard County Historical Society presents a wide variety of engaging public programs, concerts, lectures, and other activities. The Society also welcomes school groups, scouts, home schoolers, adult groups, and the public to participate through field trips and outreach programs.


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Did You Know?
The planned community of Columbia began in 1967, incorporating one-tenth of Howard County's land area.

Howard County History Articles

More on the Eldridge Furnace

More on the Elk Ridge Furnace This article is a follow up to the article “A Short History of the Elkridge Furnace,” by Ellen Kwan Lewis. By Lee Preston and Mark Stout Elk Ridge Landing was one of the first industrial towns in America. Situated on the edge of the...

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The Early Life of Decatur Dorsey

The Early Life of Decatur Dorsey By Gerald W. Ueckermann, Jr. October 19, 2021 By the early summer of 1864 the Union Army’s offensive to finish off the Confederate Army of Robert E. Lee had stalled on the outskirts of Petersburg, Virginia. There, Union soldiers...

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Desegregation and Racial Equality in Howard County

The History of Desegregation in Howard County Mark J. Stout, Ph.D. Executive Director of the Howard County Historical Society   In commemoration of Black History Month, the following piece explores the county’s history as it relates to school desegregation...

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